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The Carl Martin Echotone!  1200 milliseconds of vintage echo, foot-switchable Tap or Manual time settings, insert loop and switchable trail function at bypass.  Imagine switching from a Manual time setting to a Tap time setting right at your feet, so you can play with your favourite slap-back echo on rhythm to a Tap (tempo) set echo for that massive lead or solo!  Combine this with flavouring your echo by installing a chorus, flange or even distortion pedal in the insert loop, and the switchable trail function at bypass,  and you have what our test players are calling ‘the best echo they have ever heard’! 

As with all the Danish built Carl Martin effects, the Echotone comes in our low-profile  housing, coated in our new stunning off-white colour, with the built-in 12v (+-) regulated power supply.


The ECHO switch is to activate or bypass the Echotone, with the LED on the unit is activated.

Please note the Echotone is NOT true bypass, it features a high quality buffered bypass, to ensure long cabling without loss.
The SELECT switch choose between the manual time setting and the TAP TEMPO function.

With the LED above the TAP TEMPO switch ON the TAP TEMPO function is activated, the manual time knob does not work.
With the LED above the TAP TEMPO switch OFF the MANUAL TIME function is activated, the tap tempo does not work.

By this you can easily shift between two presets i.e. a slapback on the MANUAL knob, and while using that on the A part of the song you can tap in the song tempo while playing, and in the solo enter the select switch for long delay time for the heroic lead, and after the solo enter the SELECT switch to return to the slapback. 

With the TAP TEMPO chosen on the select switch LED on, you can set the delay time simply by tapping the desired or the song tempo on the TEMPO switch with your foot, you shall tap minimum two times ore more as the unit will always set the tempo after the last two tap's.
With the MANUAL time function chosen on the select switch (LED above tempo switch off) you set the desired delay time on the chicken head knob.

Counter Clock wise (-) longer delay time, Clock wise faster delay time.
On the ECHO knob you mix between dry and wet, Clock wise more echo.
On the FEEDBACK knob you choose the amount of echo's you want after the original note.
With the TONE knob you adjust the voicing on the repeats from dark position full counter clock wise to light full clock wise.

PLEASE NOTE the tone only effect the repeats not the overall guitar sound.


With the LOOP you can insert an external effect device, i.e. a Chorus or Phase, even an overdrive pedal or EQ with this you can either color or modulate the echo in a ton of different ways with really cool results.
But please notice the effects in the loop only work on the repeats not the overall main guitar tone.

Notice that you need to regulate the echo and feedback to lesser settings, if you insert a modulation effect in the loop, as the feedback can go into oscillation if left with same setting as used with no modulation inserted.


With the TRAIL switch positioned on the back just beside the input jack you choose you you want trails on or off when bypass.
Trails are the echo ringing out when you bypass the unit, in off position the effect stop immediately when bypass.
The Echotone has a built in mains power supply, with an attached power wall plug cord.
THe Echtone run only on mains power not 9V or 9V adapter
it is made with either a 100V or 115V or 230V on board transformer, depending on the markets it's made for.

PLEASE NOTE, if you purchase i.e. a 100V version it can not be used in country's with 230V, in this case you will need an additional power converter.

Power consumption:
S/N ratio:
Input impedance:
Output impedance:
THD distortion:
Frequency range:
Delay min.:
Delay max.:
100 or 115 or 230 VAC 50-60Hz
2,1 Watts
68 dB
1M Ohm
100 Ohm
20 m.sec
1200 m.sec
186(D) 120(W) 55(H)


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