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TheGigRig Pro-14 is the ultimate floor based switching system designed to give you a level of control over your effects and amps that you've only ever dreamed about.


" The Pro-14's 10 True Bypass effects loops guarantee the best tone possible from your effects. 

" The 14 programmable pre-sets mean 1 step selection over any effects pedal combination you like. 

" An inbuilt optically controlled programmable class A amplifier takes care of volume mismatches from vintage style pedals and gives you easy solo boosts.

" Choose any combination of 2 amplifier outputs without earth loops or phase problems.

" Easy intuitive programming designed for tone lovers who use pedals, not computers.

" Programmable pre-boost/buffer gives you the option of having a completely true bypass system, or pre-effects loops buffered system as part of each pre-set. Perfect for all effects, even germanium transistor overdrives.

" Mode settings give you the ability to mix preset 'on the fly' for even greater flexibility.




A Brief Explanation of the Demo
The pedals across the top of TheGigRig are plugged into TheGigRigs effects loops.

The actual pedals used for this demo are.

Loop 1 - 1974 Script MXR Dynacomp
Loop 2 - Keeley Electronics Blues Driver
Loop 3 - Plosive Electronics May Treble Booster
Loop 4 - Love Pedal Eternity
Loop 5 - 1960's Duo Fuzz
Loop 6 - Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe
Loop 7 - 1976 EH Electric Mistress
Loop 8 - 1979 Boss CE-1
Loop 9 - Ibanez AD9 Analog delay
Loop 10 Re-issue EH Memory Man

The amps used are

76 Marshall JMP 
76 Fender Pro Reverb

The guitar 
63 NOS Relic Telecaster.

The guitar is recorded live with virtually no E.Q. added. Each amp has one mic on it and there was also a mic in the room. 

The idea behind this is so you can see that with one button press I have complete control over my effects and amps.

Lets take a look at each sound in turn

Pre-set 1
This is the Dynacomp into the CE1 into the Memory Man.
The CE1 is arguably the greatest sounding chorus ever made but it was originally designed for keyboards so controlling the levels of this pedal with guitar can be very tricky. TheGigRig solves this problem with the Post Effects loop Volume Control. I have this selected on this preset to balance this tone with the rest of the tune.
The intro is a muted picked arpeggio sequence but the Dynacomp does a great job of squashing everything to keep it nice and even.

Pre-set 2 
Just the CE1. I've moved the inversion of the first chord a bit higher up the neck for a bit more of jangle type feel. This is played harder and more open than the intro, which shows you just what a great job the old Dynacomp was doing of keeping the first section all together.

Pre-set 3
I've turned on the pre-boost here to punch my Tele into the Fender. Everything else is bypassed and the Marshall is turned off. This is something I love about TheGigRig. It's great being able to control so much gear, but it's also great being able to bypass everything and just go straight in to the amps.

Pre-set 4
This is my early 70's EH Electric Mistress. Everyone knows how great they sound for rock stuff, but used on a clean tone they're just amazing. My main issue with this pedal is that I've never been able to use it live before I had TheGigRig because the effect output was so low. Whenever I used it the level would drop just enough to bring you out of the mix, but here you'll notice I've turned on the Post amp to boost the level. Now it blends seamlessly into the track.

Pre-set 5
Dynacomp into the Memory Man into the Pro Reverb. Can't resist the solo. Using the low output neck pick-up on the Tele this is a lovely combination. Don't underestimate the Tele neck pickup. Used like this it's dynamic, toneful and a real joy to play. I've set the level on the Post amp to give me a nice boost into the Fender. This works well because otherwise I'd need to turn the compressor all the way up and the problem with that is then my Memory man is seeing too much level and the tone changes and sounds messy. The Post Effect Loop boost solves all these problems because it's after all the effects so it just takes what ever it's given and boosts it to any level you want, up to x3!

Pre-set 6
Eternity into Memory Man into the Marshall with Post Boost.
The Eternity is a pedal I've been using a lot. It's got a great tone and is very dynamic. I've used it with fenders, Marshalls and Vox's and it's one of the few pedals I own, which manages to get a tone out of each one. Very cool.
Again the Memory Man for that lovely warm analog delay (just a touch) and it's all boosted with the post boost and sent to the Marshall.
Pre-set 7
Eternity into the Electric Mistress into both amps 
The classic rock flanger sound. The Electric Mistress does this better than anything. This is why it's still the industry standard today.

Pre-set 8
Duo Fuzz into Marshall.
This pedal is just silly. My favourite fuzz of all time. This one is over 40 years old but sounds delicious. Forget about subtlety here, it just wants to get out start ripping peoples faces off. Rock 'n' Roll.

Pre-set 9
Eternity into Micro Vibe into Marshall
More silliness. The Micro vibe does the thick chorus phase thing so well. It's a one trick pony as the more subtle settings are a bit non descript, but turn the thing up and it's Machine Gun city.

Pre-set 10
Keeley Blues Driver into Marshall
I had Robert Keeley do this mod for me ages ago. I've been through a lot of overdrives since then but keep coming back to this one. In the mix with the band going off this pedal always sounds great. Punchy mids really help it cut through. Again this works great in Fender and Marshall style amps.

Pre-set 11 
May Treble Booster into Eternity into both amps.
Dave Gregory from XTC turned me on to the May Treble booster. Plosive Electronics were a company that until recently made possibly the best treble booster out there. The tone control is a capacitor array that gives you different levels of bass on each setting. They've shut up shop now which is a shame, so if you see one of these going somewhere, grab it, they're great.
And again into the Eternity. This is a good example of how responsive the Eternity is. With a Treble Booster into it it reacts like an amplifier so I don't need to have my amps on 11 to get a great tone. 

Pre-set 12
Ibanez AD9 into Fender
Classic slap back country sound. A bit of Post boost to give it a nice level and that's it.

Pre-set 13
Dynacomp into AD9 into both amps
You can hear the Dynacomp grab the first note of this phrase. One of their little quirks. With both amps on the Dynacomp and the AD9 give me a great squashy tone for a little chick'n pick'n to finish.

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